Neues Label, neue Single, neues Album und jede Menge Live-Dates. Mit Oh Oh feiert eine der großartigsten schwedischen Indie-Popbands aller Zeiten am 18.4 ihren Tourstart ausgerechnt in Magdeburg: Shout Out Louds.

Mit dem neuen Material kehren die Shout Out Louds zu ihren musikalischen Wurzeln zurück: warmer, melancholischer Indie-Pop. Wir konnten Leadsänger Adam Olenius 10 Fragen stellen und freuen uns, euch die Band am Mittwoch im Moritzhof zu präsentieren.


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1. How would you describe your music style?

Sunset rock.

2. What motivated you in the beginning to start making music?’

Music has always had such an impact on me. Ever since I was a kid.
Everything spoke to me about it. The people, the romance, the travels, the gear, the girls but mostly the part of a place I could be myself.

3. How was your tour life so far? Were there any funny incidents or strange accommodations you had to deal with?

We start on Wednesday! So Magdenburg is the premier night! We´ve slept on floors with needles in Berlin. With 10 cats in Oslo.
And played in pouring rain on a stage with no roof in Sicily. Cant remember the rest..

4. What item is most essential for you on tour?

Headphones. My only escape from the touring world. Other than that I would say my band mates. They are pretty fun and essential.

5. Do you have time to compose new songs on tour?

Sure. A lot of small ideas are written on soundchecks or in my phone. You come across a lot of people and situations that later on end up in our songs.

6. Is there a festival where you would like to perform?

We´ve never done Primavera in Spain! Give me!

7. Do you share the impression that it is getting harder for bands to organize and play concerts?

It depends on how big of a band you are. But I get a sense that booking agents are getting more careful and less bold. Unfortunately there are places in the world we have an audience but cant afford to come and play.

8. Can you recommend a “super-secret” place in Sweden for holiday?

Its not secret but Gotland is probably the nicest place in southern Sweden. Some parts looks like an african savannah.

9. Do you know anything about Magdeburg, what are you previous experiences with this place?

Not really. But I hear the venue is nice. Its the premier night so we need to go out celebrate.

10.Who would you like to join for a beer?

The major of Magdeburg or Nick Cave.

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